New Renault CAPTUR

Equipment & Accessories




Now you can take your love of driving and appreciation for style to new heights. Captur is ready to brighten your life with a bold new look, clever tech and unparalleled power. So go on, open yourself up to new possibilities.
Renault CAPTUR
Bigger and better
Take advantage of the 536 l boot, the largest in its class.  Enjoy unique modularity thanks to the sliding and folding bench.
Renault CAPTUR
Smart storage places
Discover smart storage areas (glove compartment, storage areas in the center armrest, console and door).  Optimize the interior experience!
Renault CAPTUR
Quality as needed
Settle in a pleasant space, where quality comes first (top materials, foam edges, comfortable seats).
Renault CAPTUR
New Audio premium Bose® system
Renault and BOSE have designed an innovative bespoke system for New CAPTUR.  With 8 speakers and a perfectly integrated Fresh Air subwoofer, the BOSE® Audio System gives you an intense music experience without compromise.     
Renault CAPTUR
Personalise with Renault MULTI-SENSE
Select a preferred display interface, cabin ambience lighting and driving modes through the Renault MULTI-SENSE system in the Privilège edition. Explore 3 different driving modes that come together with their complementary ambience lighting, and indulge in the different moods created within this captive interior.


Embark on protected journeys with the All-New Renault CAPTUR's comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features.  
Renault CAPTUR
Emergency Brake Assist
Captur watches over you and your surroundings. If a vehicle brakes suddenly, or a pedestrian walks in front of your vehicle, this system warns you and will automatically perform emergency braking if you do not.
Renault CAPTUR
Blind Spot Warning
With the blind spot detection system, an indicator light located on each of the door mirrors will warn you when a vehicle is in your blind spot.
Renault CAPTUR
Lane Departure Warning / Lane Keep Assist
Captur alerts you and corrects your trajectory in the event of lane departure without prior use of the indicator.
Renault CAPTUR
Traffic sign recognition
Captur informs you of the speed limit by recognising signs as you drive past them. Drive in utmost comfort and maintain a cruising speed of choice with the assurance that the speed limit is adhered to.
Renault CAPTUR
Maximum safety on board
Take the road with peace of mind thanks to the advanced safety features of the new Renault Captur : reinforced car body structure, 6 airbags, head restraints, seat belts equipped with pretensioner and force limiter .


Customise your SUV
Thanks to our accessories designed to merge style and convenience, your Captur is unlike anything else.
Renault CAPTUR
Roof Bars
Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to carry bike racks or kayaks, use the roof bars to carry up to 80 kg of load.         
Renault CAPTUR
Semi-electric retractable tow bar
Essential for safe towing or transportation of your equipment – e.g. bicycle rack, trailer, boat, caravan, or professional gear.
Renault CAPTUR
Roof box
Increase the loading capacity of your new Renault Captur and travel without any compromise!         


Personalise your Captur how you want.
Renault CAPTUR
Underbody welcome light
Don’t get lost again in a poorly lit carpark. Captur lights up automatically when you either approach It or simply press a button on your key.
Renault CAPTUR
Shark antenna
Add a sporty touch with the shark antenna, perfectly integrated into the shape of your Captur. Compatible with digital audio broadcasts (DAB).     
Renault CAPTUR
Off road styling bars
Emphasizes the sporty SUV look of the new Renault Captur. Equipped with nonslip coating, the sidesteps make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle, and to access any roof loads.

Pamper your New CAPTUR

Make the most of your New CAPTUR with a wide selection of easy-to-use accessories for everyday use.
Renault CAPTUR
Premium floor mats
Enhance your Captur’s interior with our premium floor mats. These mats are made-to-measure and feature a unique fastening system to avoid any unwanted movement.
Renault CAPTUR
Seat covers
Protect the upholstery of your vehicle by adding an extra touch of luxury. Our car seat covers fit perfectly and are easy to clean and maintain.         
Renault CAPTUR
Bodywork protection film
Take complete care of your Captur. Protects against scratches to keep your car looking as good as new. Available in a full car protection pack or in smaller packs to cover separate sections of the vehicle.